Who are these kiddos??

Hi! We’re Lana Lim and Michael Miyajima, two high school students hoping to contribute as much as we can in alleviating climate change. Climate change, plastic pollution, and many other problems have been increasing in the past decade at an alarming rate, and although we’re young we are motivated to make an impact.

What is this project?

Plastic is everywhere, and plastic pollution has become a global problem. Our project hopes to decrease some of the plastic ending up in landfills and polluting the environment by recycling old plastic materials into new, usable objects. Using plans from Dave Hakken’s Precious Plastic Project, we will create several machines that will help breakdown and reform plastic.

We’d love to thank everybody who’s already supported us, including all of our amazing donors! Thank you all for your support; without all of you, this project would still just be an idea.

A Special Thanks to:

Susan Sia

Sabina Lippman

Professor Sucrose

Koming Yao

Rich Crook

Luhwa Chen

And many more!


Have any questions, have an idea help, or just want to say hi? Email us at plstcmachines@gmail.com!