We ordered the motor and its gearbox!

After some consideration, we decided to use a single phase 1 HP motor with a 20:1 worm gear reducer. We decided to order these first so we can get an idea of how we want our frame for the shredder.

Originally, we wanted to make it a higher horsepower so we can shred harder plastic, but since we’re making this for our school, the main plastic waste will come from bottles from beverages, so we decided on a 1 HP motor.

Here are some photos:



Hello, and welcome to the PLSTC Project website! We’ll be posting updates on our progress here. Check out our about us page or the about the machines page. We’re so happy that we can finally start progressing in building the machines. A special thank you to all our donors, this wouldn’t happen without all of you!

We recently visited Richard Wilks’s workshop and gathered some information on the different parts we’re going to buy. We learned about some tips, including ways to operate the shredder, a few design choices for safety, and a few recommendations on where to order parts.

Thank you!

Richard Wilks: